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BLOB Caching

If NCache is already installed before the installation of StorageEdge, you can use any of the default cache provided by NCache for caching. But in the absence of NCache you will not be able to use caching with SharePoint and certain features will be disabled. To enable caching with SharePoint you need to install NCache and reset IIS on all servers of a farm.
The default cache provided by NCache is partitioned-replica, distributed among your all Server nodes where SharePoint is installed. This is recommended cache configuration if you are going to deploy SharePoint in a Server Farm with up to four nodes.
However note that in a situation where you have deployed SharePoint in a Server Farm comprising of more than four nodes, it is then idle to isolate nodes for the distributed cache and the SharePoint. For example you have a 6 nodes Server Farm, you can dedicate four nodes for SharePoint and two of these for deploying distributed cache.
To enable caching, follow these steps:
  • Go to the Central Administration page of SharePoint and click on the Application Management tab.
  • Click on Distributed Caching under StorageEdge Management.
  • Click on BLOB Caching under Distributed Caching tab.
  • On a BLOB Caching page, enable the Cache by checking the "Enabling Caching" option.
  • Enter the Cache Name. Click on Test button next to the Cache Name to check whether the connection with the cache is successfully established or not.
  • Select the Expiration Type from drop down menu. It can either be None, Absolute or Sliding. Set the timeout Duration (in minutes) for expiration.
Note: User need to start the cache from NCache Manager before testing the connection.
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