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Resolving the Cache Connection Problem

When you press the Test button, you might see the following error message: "Connection to cache could not be established. Please make sure that cache is started. You can use NCache Manager to start the cache", as shown in the figure below:
This could happen due to any of the following reasons:
  • Cache is not created: With the installation of StorageEdge a cache is automatically created for use by SharePoint, however if for some reason it is not created or it was manually removed, you can create one from the NCache Manager. Find instructions on doing this here.
  • Cache is created but not started: When StorageEdge is installed, cache is also created and started, however if for some reason it fails to start or it was manually stopped, you can start it from the NCache Manager. For instructions on doing this, follow this link.
  • NCache service is not running: Go to RUN, enter "services.msc" (without quotes) then press OK, Windows Services Console will open. Locate a service in the list named NCache, right-click on it and select Restart. Usually the NCache service doesn't start when the NCache license is expired.
  • NCache license has expired: If you were using NCache before the installation of StorageEdge and the license of NCache has expired, you can refer to the NCache installation guide for instructions on extending or purchasing a new license. If you got NCache for the first time with StorageEdge, it may be possible that StorageEdge's license has expired, which in turn also affects NCache. In such a case you should extend or purchase a new StorageEdge license. Please refer to StorageEdge's installation guide for help or you can also contact Alachisoft's sales team at for assistance.

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