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StorageEdge can be activated via command line. This will help users automate the process of StorageEdge Activation. The tool NActivate.exe is a console application, located in the Start/ All Programs/ StorageEdge /Activation/ Command Line Activation folder of your StorageEdge installation.
nactivate /k R4179Gba-b1f296-78F6U590 /f Paul /l Jones /e [option[...]]
/k key
Specifies the license key got from Alachisoft.
/f first name
Specifies the user's first name.
/l last name
Specifies the user's last name.
/e email address
Specifies the user's email address.
/comp[any] company
Specifies the user's company name.
/a address
Specifies the user's address.
/city city
Specifies the name of city.
/s state
Specifies the name of state.
/c[ountry] country
Specifies the name of country.
/z zip
Specifies the postal or zip code.
/p phone
Specifies the phone number.
Suppresses display of the logo banner.
Displays command syntax and options for the utility.
You must supply the license key received from Alachisoft.
The following command activates the StorageEdge on a machine.
nactivate /k R4179Gba-b1f296-78F6U590 /f Paul /l Jones /e
The following command displays command syntax and options for the utility. Logo banner is displayed as a part.
nactivate /?
The following command displays command syntax and options for the utility suppressing the display of logo banner.
nactivate /? /nologo

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