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Configure BLOB Store Database

Note: If you have already configured the BLOB Store Database, you can skip this section.
StorageEdge EBS/RBS needs to store metadata about BLOBs like BLOB index, encryption and Storage Profiles. For this purpose you can use the BLOB Store Database Config tool to provide a database. You can use an existing database or create new database and the tool will create the necessary tables in it. This database will be shared between EBS and RBS. If you already configured a database for BLOB Store then you can skip this section. Any change made to a database will be reflected for both EBS and RBS.
To configure the BLOB Store Database Database, follow these steps:
  • Open the Configure BLOB Store Database tool form StorageEdge Program group in the Windows Start menu.
  • When the tool opens, select the Server name where SQL Server is installed.
  • Enter authentication details.
  • Enter the database name where you want to create tables.
  • Press the Test Connection button to make sure connection with database can be established.
  • If the connection success message appears, press the Create Tables button to complete configuring the BLOB Store Database.
Note: You will need separate BLOB Store Database on each farm.
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