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What does Content Optimization do?

Content Optimization is a technique that caches the ViewState of ASP.NET, minifies and combines JavaScript and/or CSS and combine images to improve page rendering performance. When a HTML page is rendered, its values and current state must be maintained during post backs. The Content Optimization feature provides optimization for three different types of data:
  • It offers ViewState Caching for ASP.NET pages served from SharePoint. It reduces the consumption of network bandwidth during post backs by caching the ViewState of a page on a web server. This way next time a request comes for the same page, the control and page values will be served from the cache, resulting in faster page rendering.
  • It offers minifying of JavaScript and CSS that packs multiple CSS and JavaScript files into two separate files. It decreases the round trips of the files between browser and Server, resulting in reduced page load times. All CSS and JavaScript files are packed in a separate single CSS and JS (JavaScript) file.
  • It also offers Image combining for multiple images into a single image. Image combining uses a technique called CSS Sprite which combines multiple images into a single image which makes your website to load faster.
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