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Converting EBS to RBS without copying BLOBs

StorageEdge provides you the facility to convert External BLOB Storage to Remote BLOB Storage without copying BLOBs. If your BLOBs are externalized in EBS, and you wish to use RBS instead of EBS, you can use StorageEdge feature to switch to RBS without migrating BLOBs. To convert EBS to RBS without copying BLOBs, you are supposed to install RBS for the corresponding content database. After conversion you have to update stubs (references) only in RBS.
  • Select the Storage Profile created for web application you wants to convert to RBS.
  • Select "Convert to RBS" option from drop down menu as shown below.
  • If the RBS is not installed for the same web application, the following warning will be shown on  EBS/RBS Configuration page:
        "RBS is not installed on the web application. RBS should be installed on all the databases before converting the profile scope."
  • You need to install RBS for that specific application you wish to convert to RBS.
  • To schedule this job, users are supposed to enable the job and specify the Server, Date and Time for the job to run.
  • You can enable "Reschedule if terminated before completion" option to reschedule the offload job if it is not completed properly. To reschedule the job you need to set the interval for that job.
  • "Enable job throttling" option will apply the already configured throttling settings for this job.
  • "Edit Settings" will jump you to the Job Throttling page, where you can reconfigure the speed for this job.
  • Click the "Continue" button to start the job.
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