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Archive Existing BLOB Content job

Archiver Profile is configured to keep the copies of BLOBs and their metadata from SharePoint database and Externalizer. "Archive Existing BLOB Content" job is a recurring job that can be scheduled hourly, daily, weekly or monthly. This job copies all the BLOBs that are either in content database or in Externalizer to the archiver profile. Archiver Profile are designed to keep the BLOB content for a specified period of time. The BLOBs will be deleted automatically on the expiration of retention policies.
  • Click on the Application Management tab on Central Administration page.
  • Click on Storage Optimization under StorageEdge Management.
  • Click on Archiver Profiles under Storage Optimization.
  • Click on a Storage Profile and select Edit (You can also configure this job while adding a new Storage Profile).
  • At the end of the page, you will see "Archive Existing BLOB Content". Check the "Run this job on following schedule" check box.
  • Select the Server from drop down menu on which you want to run the job. If Any is selected then the job will run on any random server.
  • Specify the Date and time at which you want to run the job.
  • "Enable job throttling" option will apply the already configured throttling settings for this job. User can also configure throttling for this job using Edit Settings tab, where you can configure speed for this job.
  • Click the "Ok" button to save the settings.
Note: Archive Existing BLOB Content job will archive BLOBs from externalizer and database .
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