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How to configure a custom storage provider?

StorageEdge allows its users to write their own Storage Providers and use it with StorageEge for reading and writing BLOBs. To configure custom storage providers, users needs to follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Developing a custom Storage Provider:

To write custom storage providers, users must derive Alachisoft.StorageEdge.ObjectModel.StorageProvider class that can be found inside the assembly "Alachisoft.StorageEdge.ObjectModel.dll". This assembly gets installed with StorageEdge.
The following steps must be followed to build a custom storage provider:
  • Create a new "Class Library" project in Visual Studio.
  • Add a reference to "Alachisoft.StorageEdge.ObjectModel".
  • Inherit your newly created class from class "StorageProvider".
  • Override the abstract methods of StorageProvider.
  • Compile your program into a dll file.
  • Unit test the provider. A simple test program is provided to test the main functionality of storage provider.
  • Sign the dll with strong name.

Step 2: Install the signed assembly into the GAC of all WFE Servers:

Second step is to install the strongly named assembly into the GAC of all WFE servers. This can be installed either by drag and drop the assembly to "C:\Wndows\assembly" folder or by running the Gacutil.exe.

Step 3: Register the custom Storage Provider:

To register a custom Storage Provider with StorageEdge, a row for this provider must be added to the StorageEdgeStorageProviders table of the StorageEdge configuration database. Following script can be modified for the custom provider and be executed on StorageEdge configuration database:
INSERT INTO [dbo].[StorageEdgeStorageProviders]
        [Name],------------------ Desired name of custom storage provider.
        [AssemblyName], --------- Fully qualified name of assembly.
        [ClassName],------------- Name of your class.
        [ConnectionStringTitle],- Title for connection string.
        [ConnectionStringExample],- Example of the connection string format.    
        N'Sample File Storage Provider',
        N'Alachisoft.StorageEdge.SampleStorageProvider,Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=2a168a778e36580c',

Step 4: Configuring the storage tiers to use the custom storage provider:

Once the entry in the database is added for custom Storage Provider, user needs to configure the storage tiers of storage profiles to use the registered custom storage provider.
In central administration, while creating a storage profile and adding a storage tier, select the custom storage provider from drop down list of available storage providers. Specify the connection string, test it and add it. Save the profile and upload a new document to verify that this new document is stored in the external store. Similarly, verify that the documents are read and deleted properly from the external store.
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