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Defining Dashboard

You can either use the default dashboards for monitoring the performance of StorageEdge or you can define your own dashboards according to the requirements. Default dashboards cannot be modified, however you can make any modifications in your own dashboards.
Step 1
  • To define a new dashboard, following steps should be followed:
  • Select File --> New Dashboard to create a new dashboard as shown in figure.
Step 2
  • The following screen appears to create a new dashboard.
  • Enter 'Dashboard Name'.
  • Click 'Next' to move to the next screen.
Step 3
  • Enter the number of Rows and Columns required in a dashboard.
  • You can set different number of columns in every row.
  • On finishing the above steps the following screen will be displayed having three rows and a single column as mentioned above.
  • You can create more then one dashboards.
  • All the open dashboards will be automatically saved on closing StorageEdge Monitor, and will be retrieved whenever opened.
  • The closed dashboards will not be saved.
Step 4
  • You can monitor the counters by dragging a counter from a Toolbox to a dashboard.
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