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Creating Storage Pool

To add a Storage Pool, follow the steps given below:
Adding a Storage Pool:
  • Specify the name for the Storage Pool.
Add a New Storage Device:
  • At the right side of the page, you will see "Add new Storage Device" option, click on it. It will open a new page for storage devices settings.
Add Storage Device:
Add a storage device by following the steps given below:
  • Specify the name for the Storage Device.
  • Select a Storage Provider from drop down list.
  • Enter the storage path in the text box in this format: \\server1\blobstore. Or \\StorageEdge\BLOB.
  • You can also apply File Shredding on your Storage Device. Enter a storage path in the text box in this format: Path=\\SharepointData\BLOBs;Shred=True.
  • For secure connection use the Path=\\server1\blobstore;username=domain\user;password=abc;shred=false.
  • By default Shredding is disabled. To enable shredding on file system "Shred=True" must be mentioned in a path.
  • Click on the Test button to ensure the storage path is accessible.
Note: Multiple storage devices can be added in a storage pool. Device with the same connection string can not be added.
  • If "Enable Shredding" option is selected then if a document is deleted from the device then it'll not be accessible\recoverable again.
Manage Storage Quota:
You can configure StorageEdge to notify when you are running low on disk space otherwise the BLOBs will not be added when available space reaches its specified limit. This section allows you to set filters on a storage device. A storage device will be marked as read only when the "Free space is less than" or "Used space is greater than" the certain limit. User can limit the space accordingly. To use this feature, users need to enable the filter and provide the following data:
  • Select the type of filter from the drop down menu.
  • Select the space on a disk.
To receive notifications regarding disk space, user need to enable the send email notification option and enter the email address where he/she wish to receive notifications at. Here same two filters: "Free space is less than" and "Used space is greater than" are provided using which user can select any/both the filters for warnings on reaching a specific space on the disk.
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