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Removing a Linker Profile

You can remove a Linker Profile to delete all linked contents from SharePoint document library or when the linker files are no more needed. On deletion of a Linker profile, all the links will be deleted and the files will no longer be accessible. To remove a particular Linker Profile, here are the steps:
  • Click on the Application Management tab on Central Administration page.
  • Click on Storage Optimization under StorageEdge Management.
  • Click on Linker Profiles under Storage Optimization.
  • Click on a Storage Profile Choose Remove from the drop-down menu.
  • When you choose to remove a Linker Profile, you will see a warning message on a new page saying that "Removing this storage profile would remove the linked files from the SharePoint".
  • To remove Linker Profile you need to schedule the De-Link BLOB Content job. Here users are supposed to enable the job and specify the Server, Date and Time for the job to run.
  • You can enable "Reschedule if terminated before completion" option to reschedule the job if it is not completed properly. To reschedule the job you need to set the interval for that job.
  • "Enable job throttling" option will apply the already configured throttling settings for this job. "Edit Settings" will jump you to the Job Throttling page, where you can reconfigure the speed for this job.
  • Click Continue if you want to proceed.
* When you choose to remove a Storage Profile, the process of removing will start immediately and it may take some time depending on the size of the content in your Storage Profile.
* While the Storage Profile is being removed, you will see a message "Pending Remove" beside the Storage Profile name till the profile is deleted.
*If linked files are deleted from SharePoint library, those files will never be linked again until the linker profile is removed or user manually removes the entries of the files from StorageEdge config database.
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