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Upgrading SharePoint 2007 to SharePoint 2010 with externalized BLOBs

StorageEdge 3.4 provides you the facility to upgrade Microsoft SharePoint Server 2007 to Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 by using various approaches. Using any of the two approaches listed below you can upgrade SharePoint according to your requirements:
  • In-place
  • Database Attach
Following are the steps which need to be followed for upgrading Microsoft SharePoint Server 2007 to Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010:
  • Open SharePoint Server 2007 and export configuration file.
  • Uninstall StorageEdge(without unplugging EBS).
  • Run the pre-upgrade checker. You can use the pre-upgrade checker to check the status of your environment and SharePoint sites before you upgrade to Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010.In the Command Prompt window, open the following directory:
    %COMMONPROGRAMFILES%/Microsoft Shared/Web Server Extensions/12/bin
  • Type the following command and press ENTER:
    STSADM.EXE -o preupgradecheck
    This command checks both the local server settings and farm-level settings. After running the pre-upgrade checker, the report will be displayed to you describing the status of your environment and SharePoint sites.
    Before upgrading SharePoint Server, install SP2 of SQL Server 2008. SQL Server 2008 with SP1 with cumulative update 2 is the minimum requirement.
  • Now install prerequisites of SharePoint 2010.
  • Install SharePoint 2010. During installation of SharePoint 2010 it will detect old version of SharePoint and ask you to upgrade.
  • Select the appropriate approach and start upgrading.
  • After upgrading and configuring SharePoint 2010 successfully, install latest version of StorageEdge Standard and Enterprise-WSS4-x64.
  • Plug StorageEdge EBS and import configuration file which was exported in SharePoint 2007.
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