How to Build NCache Project from GitHub

NCache is available as an Open Source Project on GitHub under Apache 2.0 License. Here are steps to build NCache Project which is downloaded from GitHub

Step 1. Download NCache from GitHub

NCache on GitHub

Step 2. Open NCache main project in Visual Studio

  • Open the extracted folder, NCache-master and then go to NCache source code folder \NCache-master\NCache-master\Src
  • Open NCache.sln file in Visual Studio 2010 or 2012 to load all NCache projects
  • This will load all NCache Modules in your Visual Studio Solution explorer
  • Extract the Downloaded file to your developer workstation to get started

NCache on GitHub

Step 3. Build the Solution

  • You can make changes in NCache projects to customize NCache to suit your needs
  • Build the project using Visual Studio Build tools or run NCache build scripts available at \NCache-master\NCache-master\Scripts\build-scripts

Step 4. Verify NCache Build Output

  • Verify all NCache assemblies and NCache windows service after project is built at \NCache-master\NCache-master\Src\build\Server\4x folder
  • NCache can now deploy and use updates in you environments for caching needs


What to Do Next?