Auto Starting Cache on Windows Startup

You can automatically start cache(s) at windows startup. By default Auto-start cache option is off, you can enable/disable this option by one of the following ways.

1. NCache Manager:

Open NCache Manager, go to "Main" tab and select the option "Auto start this cache on service startup". Select this option for each cache you want to automatically start at NCache service startup.
This is the recommended way for enabling auto-startup option.


After configuring you have to Apply Configurations as well. See how to apply.

2. Configuration File:

You can enable\disable "Auto start cache" option from config.ncconf file. Find this file at the following location in your computer

C:\Program Files\NCache\config

By default auto-start tag is "False". In order to enable this option, set this tag to "True" for each cache you want to automatically start on service startup.



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