Watch Video: 6 Reasons Why NCache is Better than Redis

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Presenter: Iqbal M. Khan

NCache and Redis both are popular distributed caching solutions available in the market with open source as well as enterprise editions. NCache is a 100% native .NET product which makes it a #1 choice for your .NET applications. On the other hand Redis is written in C and supports other languages too.

This video covers the following key areas

  • A brief intro to distributed caching
  • 6 key features that Redis as a distributed cache does not provide.
  • Comparison of Redis and NCache platforms, architecture, app data caching and more.
  • Functionality of the products within each technical area.

NCache is a popular Open Source (Apache 2.0 License) In-Memory distributed cache for .NET. NCache is commonly used for application data caching, ASP.NET Session State storage, and pub/sub style Runtime Data Sharing through events.

Redis is also a popular Open Source (BSD License) in-memory data structure store used as database, cache and message broker. Redis is very popular on Linux but has lately gotten attention on Azure due to Microsoft promoting it.