Webinar: Scalable Pub/Sub Messaging with Distributed Cache

Presenters: Ron Hussain and Adam J. Keller

Learn how you can use powerful Pub/Sub messaging from high traffic .NET applications without seeing any slowdown due to performance bottlenecks. NCache is an extremely scalable distributed cache for .NET that provides rich set of Pub/Sub Messaging features.

One of our senior solution architects will walk you through all the Pub/Sub features and their use cases, and show you how can incorporate them in your .NET application.

You can expect to learn:

  • Introduction to Pub/Sub messaging in general
  • Understanding NCache Pub/Sub features
  • Setting up Pub/Sub in NCache
  • Hands-on using Pub/Sub in your .NET apps
  • Demo of Pub/Sub messaging through NCache
  • NCache High availability and scalability for Pub/Sub