TayzGrid: Admin and Monitoring Tools

TayzGrid comes with powerful GUI based tools (TayzGrid Manager and TayzGrid Monitor) that let you easily manage and monitor of In-Memory Data Grid clusters and even remote clients. Additionally, TayzGrid provides you command line tools to let you automate your routine administration tasks through scripting.

TayzGrid Monitor

TayzGrid Monitor is a monitoring tool with a powerful and flexible dashboard style GUI for monitoring performance and other aspects of In-Memory Data Grid clusters and remote clients. And, you can run TayzGrid Monitor from a single central location and monitor everything remotely. Here are a few things you can monitor:

  • Server Dashboard for monitoring the data grid clusters
  • Client Dashboard for monitoring remote clients (web/app servers)
  • Custom Dashboard for your own monitoring controls including non-TayzGrid counters

TayzGrid Monitoring Tool

TayzGrid Manager

TayzGrid Manager lets you create and administer In-Memory Data Grid clusters from a single location remotely. TayzGrid Manager has an explorer style GUI that lets you to perform pretty much all the administration tasks seamlessly. Here are some operations you can perform:

  • Create and edit data grids
  • Add/remove servers from the data grid cluster at runtime
  • Register server-side code with the data grid cluster (read-thru, write-thru, cache loader, etc.)

TayzGrid Manager

Data Grid statistics show data grid counters for runtime monitoring of all the data grid servers in the data grid cluster.

TayzGrid Manager

Performance Monitoring through JMX

In addition to providing its own powerful monitoring capabilities, TayzGrid also provides management and performance monitoring through JMX using various console applications like JConsole. By using applications like JConsole you can get detailed statistical information about data grid performance and monitor it.

Performance Monitor Counters for Third Party Tools

Windows Event Logging

If TayzGrid cluster is running on Windows, TayzGrid logs important events in the Windows Event Log. This allows you to monitor all such events through Windows Event Viewer or any third party tools for it. Some of the events that are logged included:

  • All errors encountered by data grid servers
  • Data grid start and stop
  • Data grid server joining or leaving the cluster
  • Data grid size going above a configurable 80% threshold of max memory specified
  • Much more

Windows Event Logging

Email Notifications on TayzGrid Events

TayzGrid provides email notifications on various events generated by the In-Memory Data Grid cluster. You can also use third-party tools to receive emails on events logged to Windows Events or SNMP. You can get notified via email whenever any of the following happens:

  • In-Memory Data Grid started or stopped
  • Data grid server joining or leaving the cluster
  • Data grid cluster state transfer started and completed
  • Data grid size going above a configurable 80% threshold

email notificatin

Java Command Line Admin Tools

TayzGrid provides a rich set of command line tools written in Java so they run on both Windows and Unix. You can write automation scripts where you can call these tools for routine administration tasks. Additionally, TayzGrid provides a stress testing tool to let you quickly test and verify TayzGrid performance under stress in your own environment. Here are some of the command line tools provided to you with TayzGrid:

  • Create data grid cluster
  • Add/remove data grid servers from cluster
  • View data grid cluster health
  • Stress testing of data grid clusters from multiple client machines
  • Much more

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