What's New in TayzGrid 4.6?

TayzGrid is Now Open Source

TayzGrid has been released as an Open Source product under Apache 2.0 license. This provides the Java developer community with unrestricted access to a truly elastic In-Memory Data Grid. For more details please refer to the Edition Comparison page.

100% JCache (JSR 107) Compliant

TayzGrid 4.6 is 100% JCache compliant. In fact, TayzGrid only provides JCache API as its public interface and only provides its own proprietary API in extended features area not covered by JCache.

As a result, you can plug-in TayzGrid into your application without any code changes or recompilation if your application is making JCache API calls. This also means that if you're not happy with TayzGrid, you can replace it with any other JCache compliant In-Memory Data Grid. So, you're not locked into a proprietary solution.

MapReduce for Big Data

MapReduce in TayzGrid allows developers to write programs that process massive amounts of unstructured data in parallel across a TayzGrid cluster. To distribute input data and analyze it in parallel, MapReduce operates in parallel on all nodes in a cluster of any size.

Aggregator for Big Data

Aggregator processes distributed data records and returns compiled results. It groups values from multiple sources and can perform variety of mathematical operations like sum up values, calculating averages, finding minimum/maximum values etc. and returns single result.

Aggregator operations in TayzGrid works on top of MapReduce framework.

Entry Processor

Entry Processors is part of the JCache (JSR 107) API specification. And, since TayzGrid is 100% JCache compliant, it fully provides the Entry Processor capability.

With Entry Processor, you can provide your custom code (called Entry Processor) that TayzGrid then runs on all the nodes of its In-Memory Data Grid cluster.

Java Web Session Container Level Replication

Although, you can persist Java Web Sessions from Apache/Tomcat, WebLogic, WebSphere, and JBoss without any programming effort, TayzGrid has now implemented Container Level Persistence support for Tomcat and Jetty. This means that you can specify Java Web Session persistence at the container level instead of application level. TayzGrid provides an extremely fast and scalable Java Web Session persistence capability where sessions are replicated to multiple data grid servers for reliability but without compromising on performance.

Store Data in Object Format

Previously, all data was stored in TayzGrid as serialized objects. This is because most applications access TayzGrid In-Memory Data Grid in OutProc fashion or across the network. But, now TayzGrid has provided the ability to store data in its native Java object format. This is for situations where you're running MapReduce, Aggregator, or Entry Processor code on all the servers in the data grid. This code runs within the data grid server process and therefore benefits greatly if the data is kept in its native Java object format because there is no serialization/deserialization cost associated with operations anymore. For Client Cache topology (InProc mode), the data is also kept in its native Java object format.