NCache 4.8 released with Free Community Edition

NCache 4.8 has now launched a FREE Community edition and it provides the powerful GUI based NCache Manager to let you easily configure caches from a central location. With NCache 4.8, users can enable the cache clusters to automatically recover from Split-brain scenarios without any manual intervention.

.NET Core Support is one of the core aspects of this release. NCache now provides a totally native .NET Core clients that can run both on Linux and Windows. NCache ASP.NET Core session provider also received enhancements and now supports IDistributedCache interface in ASP.NET Core. NCache team has also implemented very easy to use EF Core 2.0 Extension Methods to allow you cache application data that you are fetching through EF Core 2.0.

NCache 4.6 SP3 Available Now – Built Real-time web using SignalR backplane

This provides a superior, proven and affordable 100% .NET alternative to Azure Redis cache.

NCache is 100% native .NET and is integrated with the .NET tool stack including Visual Studio, Entity Framework and NHibernate so users do not need to turn to java-based solutions. Migration from AppFabric is easy with the free NCache AppFabric wrapper.

NCache Cloud is available as Professional edition. Professional is functionally closer to Azure Redis cache, although with more features. NCache cloud pricing is affordable, competitive and includes free client licenses and optional technical support during business hours or 24/7.

NCache at Orlando Code Camp 2017

Orlando Codecamp is a free, one-day learning event for programming professionals and students with a focus on coding, databases, related technologies, concepts, and practices. The developer conference has hosted presenters of all stripes and experience. The Orlando Codecamp is organized every year by the Orlando .NET User Group. NCache had been a proud Platinum Sponsor…