NCache is a 100% .NET / .NET Core Open Source in-memory distributed cache for .NET (released under Apache License, Version 2.0). NCache provides an extremely fast and linearly scalable distributed cache that caches application data and reduces expensive database trips. Use NCache to remove performance bottlenecks related to your data storage and databases and scale your .NET and Java applications to extreme transaction processing (XTP).


NDC 2016 – London – UK

Event Photo Gallery Alachisoft took part in NDC London as an exhibitor. The event took place from January 11th to January 15th 2016 in London, England. NDC London is one of UK’s leading developer conference with over a 100 sessions from multiple speakers and 11 full day workshops. A team from Alachisoft led by our…

Microsoft Ends AppFabric Support, NCache Keeps on Going!

Update: Microsoft has extended the AppFabric support to April 11th 2017. The extension is only applicable for AppFabric 1.1 and not for 1.0. For more information check out their blog post. April 11th 2017 is proving to be an important date for Alachisoft’s product NCache. This is the date when Microsoft ends AppFabric support – essentially withdrawing the…

NCache Integrated with MS Visual Studio/Entity Framework 6.x/NuGet

Alachisoft has also released a NuGet package for NCache that seamlessly configures Visual Studio environment for NCache use and allows a .NET developer to use various features of NCache with minimum effort. All of this brings NCache closer to Microsoft .NET development tools and simplifies the use of caching for .NET developers.

In the words of Iqbal Khan, a technology evangelist at Alachisoft, “Visual Studio is far and away the favorite development environment of .NET developers. Our goal with this release was to ensure that developers do not have to leave their favorite IDE to use NCache and also NCache-related things are auto-configured for them inside Visual Studio.”

DevWeek 2015 – London, UK

Event Photo Gallery Alachisoft took part in DevWeek 2015 as an exhibitor. The event took place from March 23rd to March 27th, 2015 in London, England. DevWeek is the UK’s leading developer conference with over 100 sessions and 20 full day workshops. A team from Alachisoft led by our Technology Evangelist – Iqbal Khan attended…

.NET Industry Leader NCache Goes Open Source

Alachisoft has announced today that it is taking its flagship product NCache Open Source. NCache is a truly elastic Distributed Cache for .NET and Java applications. It is being used by hundreds of companies worldwide in mission critical applications to achieve extreme scalability.

NCache is now released under the Apache 2.0 Open Source license, giving the .NET developer community unrestricted access to the industry’s oldest and most popular Distributed Cache.