Ron is a Solution Architect at Alachisoft. He has a passion for solving customer problems and oversees all solution design efforts at Alachisoft for NCache.

Split Brain Recovery in NCache

Split-Brain Recovery in NCache: A Tale of Two Halves

Split-Brain in medicine refers to the state of communication malfunction inside the brain; where half of the brain is unaware of the other half’s behavior. Split-Brain in distributed computing refers to the communication loss between the active servers of a cluster. When this happens, all sub-clusters lose all synchronization and heartbeat connections with one another.…

Distributed Data Structures in NCache

Using Distributed Data Structures in NCache

Native data structures offer a conventional method of storing and retrieving data. Through their implementation, they provide concurrency to your standalone applications – which is great, except that they are only limited to the threads inside an application process. And with scalable applications running on more than one server, the need to share the state…

NCache Monitoring Best Practices

Best Practices for Monitoring NCache in Production

Let’s suppose you have an e-commerce business which uses a distributed cache such as NCache for faster response times. During the holiday season, your cache cluster is expected to serve thousands of connected clients, but instead, your Customer Support team is bombarded with complaints about website downtime and slow user experience. What went wrong? Not…