Apex Learning is one of the leading providers of digital curriculum for secondary education to school districts in USA and other countries. It is aimed at helping teachers to more effectively differentiate instruction and spend more time working one-on-one with students to address individual needs.

“We had 25,000 active users at any given time during school hours. That single StateServer didn’t give us the scalability we needed. We required a way to scale in the future so that we could add more nodes. Therefore, reliability was number one issue and scalability number two.”

Rohit Agarwal
Lead Software Engineer
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Issues Faced with State Server

Due to the high traffic of students round the clock, Apex Learning needed to maintain a highly available and easily maintainable site. Although, initially depended on Microsoft’s ASP.NET’s State Server, Apex Learning soon required a more sophisticated solution. Some of the issues persistently encountered included system reliability, scalability, high availability as well as easy maintenance. Since the site addressed an increasing traffic round the clock and critical sessions, Apex Learning needed a solution to tackle all the issues.

NCache’s Replication Topology helps with Session Loss and more

After exploring multiple tools Apex Learning, the team chose Alachisoft’s NCache distributed caching as the ultimate solution. NCache helped solve issues relevant to reliability, scalability, and high availability. NCache provided Apex Learning the critical reliability it required since it prevents session data loss due to its replication topology. NCache helped with real load balancing due to which a web server could be taken offline without losing student sessions. Moreover, NCache proved to be faster and more scalable than the StateServer option Apex Learning relied on. Another major perk that NCache offered was its high availability and flexible maintenance at all times. The last but not the least, NCache comes with powerful monitoring tools for session activity and easy–to-follow documentation.

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