In the modern world, automobile industry has a huge customer base with their network spread out everywhere. One of the leading companies in this sector, with millions of successfully sold out automobiles worldwide have gained tons of happy and satisfied customers. They have been manufacturing the best automobiles and also provided the best financial services to their customers as well as dealers.

“We focused on NCache because we like the way it improves application performance and how it meets all our caching needs.”

Team Lead Systems Architect
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Challenge: Slow Response Time and Large Data Objects

The problematic area for this automaker was their Financial Services Application. This customer facing self-service application had a huge transactional load to manage and they had to maintain a faster response time and high availability of data. Moreover, due to having large static data object sizes they had an additional network cost for all the database trips at every request.

Boost Performance and Scalability with NCache

NCache enriched with quality features and benefits, provided this automaker with a flexible and scalable solution for their multi-tiered application along with a 100% uptime. With NCache as their middle tier, they achieved high performance in their application by keeping the data close to the application and also saving themselves costly network trips to the database. It also improved the application response time, hence providing a solution for all of their problems.

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