CampMinder is a web-based summer camp management and communication system with two portals. One is provided to camp administrators, the other to clients of those camps. It started out with 10 camps in 2001, and today, it is serving 300 plus and growing. NCache provides high availability caching system for CampFInder applications that results in zero downtime and maximum performance.

“The implementation of NCache required far less resources in terms of both time and money than designing our own multi-node distributed cache system. It provides critical fault tolerance we primarily required, plus we got some added benefits.”

Stuart Miller
Chief Technology Officer
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Challenges with Single Point of Failure at CampMinder

One of the primary challenges CampMinder faced was maintaining cached data in a synchronized state with their database across multiple servers. The solution adopted earlier was an in-house cache management system that could not handle fault tolerance. The cache management solution at CampMinder was designed to run on a single node and it had to be accessed over the network using Remoting. This led to problems when and if the machine hosting that service needed to go offline. Due to lack of a roll over, the system had to be brought down.

NCache’s Partition Replica Topology to the Rescue

NCache’s Partition Replica topology proved to be a winner making CampMinder’s system faster and more robust. This is because with NCache, they could withstand a single point of failure. Partition Replica topology is fast, scalable, and provides reliability through replication. NCache has also helped in a distributed locking mechanism throughout the system as well as scalability.

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