The Cybercom Group is a consultancy focused on advanced IT and telecom solutions. By leveraging the extensive industry and operations experience of its over 1,700 employees, Cybercom has become an established partner for solutions in internet services, mobile services, security, embedded systems, and telecom management. The company was founded in 1995 and has been quoted on the NASDAQ OMX Nordic exchange since 1999. NCache helps The Cybercom Group maintain business critical advantage of high availability without incurring any session data loss or downtime.

“Data storage was not able to scale. That was the basic problem. But NCache distributed computing provided the right solution at the right price.”

Sripad Kosuri
IT Consultant
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Performance Issues Faced with MySQL Server

Cybercom initially implemented Microsoft’s SQL Server for session storage, complementing it with an in-house session handling mechanism. Although it worked effectively at first, with time issues started to resurface with that arrangement. Some of the core problems the site faced included maintaining sessions states, lack of high availability, and scalability. The database server in this instance did not scale for both sessions and applications. Furthermore, with SQL Server being a disk-based data store and not an in-memory data store, the performance was not as efficient, which resulted in a performance drop.

NCache Boosts Performance and Scalability

After adopting NCache, Cybercom discovered the versatility of this solution for their website. NCache has its own process so it was easy to operate with its simple architecture. It calls for considerably less work than other solutions, proving to be highly reliable, while being cost effective. An in-memory data storage, NCache is extremely fast, and is linearly scalable. This means that on adding more servers, they could multiply capacity, accordingly. NCache also maintains high availability, which makes NCache is highly stable so it never crashes. It is also easy to make configuration changes without stopping it.

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