, founded in 1999, is a leading dental and health savings online marketplace in the U.S. It offers user-friendly access to a wide selection of dental savings plans, along with innovative healthcare offerings including telemedicine, medical advocacy, and online counseling services. Using NCache, was able to improves its customer experience translating into top-line growth.

“ has helped more than a million members since 1999 to affordably access quality healthcare services. NCache is effectively processing our sessions. That gives us considerable confidence in our ability to scale and handle high volumes and transactions.”

Barry NewMan
Chief Technology Officer

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Issues Faced with InProc and State Server

The high number of transactions on’s website was causing bottlenecks and timeouts on its database. Thus, the poor performance was adversely affecting the consumer experience. The website could not handle the amount of traffic coming in when sessions were based on our earlier SQL Server. The other two options, InProc & StateServer, had scalability issues. Also, SQL Server, being a database stores, its performance is not as fast.

NCache’s Replication Topology Resolves Issues

NCache’s replication topology resulted in increased speed, efficiency, and stability. It provides extremely fast read performance because every server in the cache cluster has an entire copy of the cache. Plus, Site speed is a factor in organic search algorithms, which impacts our web traffic and sales. In short, NCache helps in the overall user experience.

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