Michael J. Bell and Gavin Kipling founded Digital Spark Ltd. in March 2010. Both left positions within the National Health Service (NHS) located in the United Kingdom and using their extensive experience, launched a product that was both necessary and relevant to demanding needs of the NHS. NCache provides Digital Spark the critical scalability and high availability required for a great customer experience.

“NCache’s second level caching is highly important so that we can provide maximum assurance that clinicians coming to our site have access to their data immediately and that this data is constantly available and delivering valuable insights in real time.”

Paul Kirkley
Chief Technology Officer
Digital Spark
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Proactive Approach by Digital Spark for Potential Issues

Instead of waiting to encounter potential problems with their product CaptureStroke comprising critical data to be accessed round the clock by clinicians, Digital Spark took a proactive approach in finding the correct distributed cache provider. They needed a simple yet sophisticated cache with appropriate user interface configuration to keep things quick and simple. The first requirement was for its system to be constantly available to clinicians. Secondly, they needed a scalable solution as a long-term investment for the continuously growing traffic.

NCache as a Long-Term Solution for High Availability

NCache proved to be a great asset at multiple levels for Digital Spark. At the forefront, NCache provided high availability through its partition/replicate topology. NCache’s second level caching is highly important as it provides maximum assurance for data access in terms of consistent data availability and delivering valuable insights in real time This renders NCache highly stable, eventually mitigating the risk of outages or downtime. It also provided Digital Spark the ability to make configuration changes without stopping the cache. This further avoids data loss during downtime. Moreover, NCache provides Digital Spark the critical scalability it requires for its increasing amounts of traffic.

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