Grocery Outlet is a supermarket company based in Berkeley, California, offering extreme bargains on brand name merchandise, with prices often up to 50% cheaper than conventional retailers. The largest “extreme value” grocer in the U.S., Grocery Outlet has over 185 locations in Arizona, California, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, Washington and Pennsylvania. Grocery Outlet counts on NCache to accelerate its intranet search using NCache’s powerful SQL-like cache search feature.

“NCache cuts application search times to a blink of an eye thanks to its powerful SQL-like cache search feature. Grocery Outlet stores can quickly review 1000’s of items now and not waste any time.
Our intranet search was very slow, actually not doable with ASP.NET’s InProc. With NCache, our search got us results in about 0.2 seconds.”

Bryan McMaster
Software Development Manager
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Onerous Intranet Searching

Grocery Outlet was facing a challenge in its slower intranet searching mechanism based on the ASP.NET’s InProc. A faster and reliable mechanism was needed to traverse through Grocery Outlet’s vast number of store owners and internal office personnel records. As InProc is designed to be used in a single server, single process environment, it is usually unable to cater the needs of a multi-server or multi-process ASP.NET environment. Moreover, the company had to deal with sessions loss and excessive memory consumption complexities.

NCache’s Cache Searching Saves the Day

NCache now helps Grocery Outlet to speed up its intranet search mechanism to search through over 200,000 of its available items. The result retrieval time has shrinked to as low as 0.2 seconds. Object Query Language (OQL) lets Grocery Outlet customers search the cache based on object attributes rather than the keys. Moreover, NCache has helped Grocery Outlet in its to strategy to modernize their intranet.

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