The Liebherr-MCCtec GmbH, Nenzing (Austria) is one out of ten divisional control companies within the Liebherr Group and coordinates all activities in the field of maritime cranes. The MCCtec currently employs more than 3.500 employees worldwide and has four state-ofthe-art production sites for maritime cranes in Nenzing (Austria), Rostock (Germany), Sunderland (Great Britain) and Killarney (Ireland). Liebherr achieves 100 percent uptime using NCache while storing data for maximum performance without requiring a round trip to the SQL Server.

“By using NCache, we not only achieved our critical scalability and high availability goals our intranet demanded, but we also saved considerably by reducing the numbers of servers.”

Ronny Tuertscher
Software Engineer
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Issues Faced with State Server and SQL Server

Liebherr-MCCtec faced challenges related to establishing and sustaining high availability as well scalability. The solutions of Microsoft’s ASP.NET framework State Server and its SQL Server for sessions data, soon Leibherr required more servers to avoid single point of failure and sessions data loss. This resulted in extra cost. Furthermore, due to disk storage, SQL Server performance is not as fast, resulting in a performance drop. Ultimately, the team realized they needed a far more sophisticated intervention.

NCache’s Replication Topology helps Achieve 100% Uptime

By using NCache, it became easy to store data for maximum performance without requiring a round trip to the SQL Server. NCache also helped resolve high availability problems, and helped save costs of hardware and software due to its scalability. Furthermore, with NCache, Liebherr-MCCtec intranet can adopt highly critical replication. This prevents data loss when a server is down and ultimately, fast performance and 100 percent uptime.

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