Maze Feedback headquartered in Oslo, Norway with offices in London and Sydney, Australia helps retail, sales, and service groups to improve their performance. Its mission is to reduce variation between top performers in a customer group and other workers by moving average performers towards “best practices.” With NCache on the web server, Maze Feedback can maintain full flexibility and 100 percent uptime on their session storage and cache.

“We host cache on our web servers. And, NCache allows us to add or remove cache servers at runtime without stopping our application. And, NCache cache cluster is self-healing and automatically adjusts to these changes. And, we know that we can always move the cache to a separate tier seamlessly without making any code changes to our application. That’s a major benefit NCache provides for us.”

Stian Strandli
Systems Architect
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Maze Feedback Issues with InProc

The ASP.NET framework at Maze Feedback embodied the concept of application pools. Initially employed as a solution, ASP.NET’s InProc could not handle the site’s requirements in the long run. It was not securable to multiple processes, servers, or application pools. For this reason, they had to separate the application in multiple projects or application pools to get more processes and memory consumption. The result was that if one should hang or crash, it could take down the whole system. Also, using InProc, there was no way to empty the cache between processes. For fetching the same data simultaneously, two different application pools had to travel the network instead of utilizing each other’s cache. With an exponentially increasing traffic, the site could not allow for these potential problems.

NCache’s Out-Proc Proves as the Ultimate Fix for Maze Feedback

Maze Feed needed a distributed, out-of-process, caching solution instead of InProc as there was a need to synchronize across the Web farm. By using NCache, Mymaze now has a common, out-of-process cache for all application pools. This means multiple processes share a common cache either on the same server or even across multiple servers. This major feature allowed Mymaze the scalability required in the application and share the cache. With NCache’s out-proc service, Maze Feedback was also able to cache huge amounts of data leading to effective page performance. Also, instead of writing their own code, NCache 3.8 provided a module that automatically did that by plugging it in View State. Moreover, NCache allows to use caching in a multi-server, multi-process environment, and it synchronizes the cache across all the servers to eliminate any concerns. All of the above benefits along with being extremely scalable, NCache proved to be an all in one solution.

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