RISCO Group, headquartered in Israel, creates IP based integrated security solutions for global security markets. From software solutions to high-performance wired and wireless integrated systems. RISCO Group’s solutions for buildings and control rooms, sophisticated detector technology, intrusion, video and access control systems are found in commercial, industrial, institutional and residential applications around the world. With NCache, Risco Group Scores has boosted its performance with over 600 transactions per second due to its speed, scalability and redundancy.

“NCache is a critical component for preventing system performance degradation. In our case, it is a core component of our system.”

Eli Brin
Program Manager
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Scalability and Performance Issues Faced at Risco

With Risco Group’s server site and SaaS business model, the team had to use a great number of web servers to load balance the information and maintain session information between client requests. This resulted in scalability bottlenecks due to the inordinate transactions coming to their database. The scalability factor spanned two issues: There was a need to effectively handle peak customer loads. They also required a mechanism to increase total capacity. The solution adopted at the time, MS SQL server, incurred performance lagging and, hence, cost.

NCache’s Distributed Caching Results in 100% Uptime

Risco Group chose NCache distributed caching to solve its scalability issues. To begin with, it solved the problem of persisting data in a distributed environment without a database. NCache also helped with fast performance because it is an in-memory cache. Furthermore, NCache is virtually linearly scalable. Clustering and replicated cache topology makes redundancy possible, which results in 100 percent uptime for Risco.

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