Ryanair Ltd., headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, has grown from a modest regional airline in 1985 into a major airline company with 8,000 employees, 44 bases, flying 1,100 routes to 157 airports in 26 countries. With three geographic data centers, a load balanced web farm of over 40 servers, Ryanair is handling 1.3 million daily visitors, 15.5 million page views, and 30,000 orders per hour during peak times, all with the help of NCache.

“It was vital for us to find a solution for session handling and storage. NCache is that solution because it let us operate the three sites, overflow traffic from one to another, and still maintain the same .NET sessions.”

Martin Nygard
MIS Manager
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Challenges with Session Locking Faced at RyanAir

NavitAire, the RyanAir website, required a long term solution for its multi-site configuration in the .NET environment. This was critical especially for session handling and storage. Microsoft and other solution providers did not take into account multi-site configurations. Due to parallel calls by robots against the same session, session locking kicked and locks took long to expire, leaving thousands of robot calls waiting resulting in network connections open. This slowed down the website significantly.

NCache Resolves Issues with ASP.Net Session Locking Capability

With easy configuration and ASP.NET Session locking capability in NCache, RyanAir had found their solution. Ryanair’s customized “session site remembrance” feature of NCache allows the airline company to operate their three active sites with the ability to transparently overflow traffic from one site to another and still maintain the same .NET sessions. During session data transfer, the customer did not experience any down time. NCache also helped in session locking to timeout quickly and avoid slowing down their Web site. Due to NCache’s replication technology, the airline website can operate without any downtime or loss of session data.

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