Telenor’s (one of the largest Telcos in the world) wholly owned subsidiary, Telenor Denmark, is the second largest mobile operator and the second largest fixed broadband operator in Denmark. It’s service portfolio in Denmark includes mobile, fixed and broadband services. Telenor’s motto is to help customers achieve the full benefits of communications services in their daily lives. Their core values give employees fundamental guidelines for providing excellent service to its customers. NCache provides 100% uptime to Telenor Denmark along with high speed, stability, and reliability which keeps its customer response data super snappy.

“We maintain 100% uptime. That’s the most important NCache benefit. Plus, the associated NCache speed, stability, and reliability keeps our customer response data super snappy.”

Torben Frølund
Senior Manager

Telenor Denmark

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Challenge: Slow Displayed Data from Middleware

Telenor Denmark’s self-care portal for customers was built using ASP.NET MVC web-application launched as “One Screen App” however due to slow data responses from REST API from Java-based middleware, One Screen app users started facing issues related to slow responses deteriorating the customer experience. In effect there was no quick way to improve backend middleware response rates without incurring huge cost.

Cost Effective 100% Uptime & Fast access to Middle Tier

NCache with its wealth of key features and benefits, provided the cost-effective answer to Telenor Denmark’s problem. Now, they’re caching frequently used application data, so they don’t have to go to their database or their Java based “middle tier” which is very slow to access. This greatly speeds up their website response time eradicating the core issues in their IT Stack.

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