Virgin HealthMiles (VHM) is a web-based summer camp management and communication system with two portals. One is provided to camp administrators, the other to clients of those camps. It started out with 10 camps in 2001, and today, it is serving 300 plus and growing. The deployment of NCache resulted in 30% optimization in the database resource usage for Virgin HealthMiles.

“NCache allowed us to reduce the load on our database servers and prevent them from becoming a scalability bottleneck. We needed a long term solution that would move us away from just throwing more database servers at the problem. By using NCache as part of our custom session object, we noticed a 30 percent optimization in the database resource usage.”

Kal Dhinsa
Infrastructure Manager
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Load Balance and Scalability Challenges Faced at Virgin HealthMiles

With the increasing numbers of website visitors, the database servers were continuously on the target. Most of the data being accessed was identical for visitors, however, the traffic caused a tremendous load on the database servers. Especially during peak traffic hours, the database would often run the same query and return the same data repeatedly. This could lead to a potential bottleneck and we needed scalability. For this reason, Virgin HealthMiles had to make use of an appropriate distributed caching technology.

NCache Optimizes Load Balancing and Database Resource Usage

NCache helped optimize the working of the site by reducing load on the database servers. The site now uses NCache to temporarily store data that is accessed repeatedly. This in memory distributed cache arrangement also helps save a large number of trips to the database, which further eliminates unnecessary traffic buildup bottlenecks. NCache also partly helps in custom session object storage. Moreover, with NCache, Virgin HealthMiles can scale their website traffic without requiring more database servers.

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