Distributed Cache Continuous Query for Developing Real Time Applications

High traffic real time applications are widely used in the enterprise environment. In real-time applications, information is made available to you in moments it’s produced and any delay in doing so can cause a serious financial loss. The main challenge faced by these high traffic real time applications is to get notified about any changes…


Scale Java Spring Applications with NCache Distributed Cache

Spring is a lightweight, dependency injection and aspect-oriented development container and framework for Java. It reduces the overall complexity of J2EE development and provides high cohesion and loose coupling. Because of the benefits Spring provides, it is used by a lot of developers for creating high traffic small to enterprise level applications. But these high…


Using NCache as Hibernate Second Level Java Cache

Hibernate is an Object-Relational Mapping library for Java language. It provides you mapping from Java classes to database table and reduces the overall development cycle. Because of benefits Hibernate provides, more and more high transactional applications are developed using Hibernate. Here is an example of Hibernate in a Java application.

But, these high traffic…