How to Buy NCache Cloud in Azure / AWS?

NCache Cloud makes it very easy for you to buy it. And, whenever you buy NCache Cloud, you buy it from Azure / AWS and not Alachisoft. And, they bill you for it and collect payments from you. The process of buying NCache Cloud is explained in detail.

Here are the typical steps you should take for buying NCache Cloud in a seamless manner.

  1. Evaluate with Free Trial: first thing you should do is evaluate NCache Cloud for its features and performance / scalability by using the 60-Day Free Trial.
  2. Deployment Architecture & Capacity Planning Session: contact our sales and world-class support teams to figure out your most optimized deployment architecture based on your performance and scalability needs and then do your capacity planning based on this. This capacity planning determines how many cache servers of which hardware profile you need, how many cache clients (web/app servers) of which hardware profile should you have, how many different environments of each type do you have (Prod, DR, Staging, Test, QA, Dev, etc.), and how many cache servers and cache clients should you have in each environment.
  3. Pricing Session: work with NCache sales to get multiple pricing and configuration options and pick one that is most suitable for you based on your budget and deployment architecture needs.
  4. Cloud Infrastructure Cost not included the Price: please note that NCache Cloud prices do not include any cloud infrastructure cost like VMs, data usage, etc. You pay Azure / AWS directly for them separately.
  5. Custom Quote for Approval: once you’ve finalized a pricing option with NCache sales, the sales person gives you a finalized custom quote that you must approve.
  6. NCache Cloud purchased directly from Azure / AWS Marketplace: this means that after you approve the custom quote, you purchase NCache Cloud directly from Microsoft / Amazon and not Alachisoft. And, they collect the payment from you. However, the total cost of your purchase is based on the agreed upon Custom Quote between NCache sales and you through the above-mentioned process. And, this amount in this custom quote is then charged to you through Azure / AWS marketplaces.
  7. NCache Cloud Licenses Issued: once the quote amount is charged successfully, NCache sales team issues NCache Cloud license key to you. With this, you can deploy NCache to all your environments and manage your license usage with the help of NCache Cloud Portal.
  8. Deploy NCache Cloud (public / private VM image): once you get the license key from NCache sales, you can deploy NCache Cloud in Azure / AWS and activate it with your license key. In majority of cases, you end up deploying the publicly available NCache Enterprise Software VM images in Azure / AWS marketplace. In some case, if your needs are very special, our world-class tech support team can prepare custom private VM images and give you a link to them and you can then deploy NCache through them.

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