Alachisoft showcases Java In-Memory Data Grid at Oracle's JavaOne


October 26, 2015

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Alachisoft showcases Java In-Memory Data Grid at Oracle's JavaOne, San Francisco

San Ramon, California - October 26, 2015 -Alachisoft, the leading provider of extremely scalable in-memory distributed caching and data grid products, is exhibiting at JavaOne this week.

Iqbal Khan, Technology Evangelist and President of Alachisoft is headlining the team to demonstrate TayzGrid – a new, 100% JCache compliant, open source In-Memory Data Grid product.  His mission is to convince you how this excellent product works for organizations of all sizes, across the spectrum of high-volume use cases, and outperforms competitors in this $450M market.

Alachisoft has been and remains the market leader in 100% native .NET distributed caching. Now all the expertise and features of the market-winning open source .NET product are available in a Java product and you can see it at booth 5004.

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About Alachisoft

Alachisoft provides organizations with powerful, easy to use products to improve Java and .NET app performance and scalability. Its flagship product is open source NCache and its newest product is open source TayzGrid. Alachisoft’s mission is to provide Java and .NET developers with rock solid, comprehensive, fully featured in-memory products that allow apps to scale linearly with transactional load.

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