TayzGrid: Open Source JCache In-Memory Data Grid Released

"Built from 10 years of NCache innovation with hundreds of customers"


July 14, 2015

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TayzGrid: Open Source In-Memory Data Grid Released

San Ramon, California - July 14, 2015 - Alachisoft today announced the release of TayzGrid - a 100% JCache (JSR 107) compliant Open Source In-Memory Data Grid for Java and .NET applications. TayzGrid, released under Apache 2.0 license, is a native Java product and built from 10 years of innovation in NCache with hundreds of customers all over the world. This has made TayzGrid a very stable, mature, and reliable product for our customers. TayzGrid is available for download at http://www.tayzgrid.com.

NCache, also developed by Alachisoft, is an Open Source In-Memory Distributed Cache for .NET and market leader in its space for over 15 years. NCache is the oldest .NET cache in the market.

As a result, TayzGrid is the most powerful and feature-rich In-Memory Data Grid in the market surpassing existing players like Oracle Coherence, IBM eXtreme Scale, Hazelcast, Terracotta, and others. We provide detailed feature comparisons with all the leading In-Memory Data Grid solutions on our website http://www.tayzgrid.com for all to see.

Another benefit of NCache innovation is that TayzGrid provides very powerful and easy to use GUI based and command line configuration and monitoring tools. GUI based tools provide you a rich set of options to easily configure TazyGrid in your environment and later monitor almost every aspect of it. And, command line tools allow you to automate administrative tasks through scripting.

And, TayzGrid's JCache (JSR 107) API compliance means you can plug it into your existing JCache based applications without any code changes and quickly see the difference in performance, scalability, and ease of management. And, by using a standard API like JCache (JSR 107) you are not locked into a proprietary solution. TayzGrid provides more advanced features not covered by JCache API through its extension API.

"We've designed TayzGrid so it contains almost all the features of other IMDG's and then more. TazyGrid is especially strong when it comes to handling relational data and also synchronizing your In-Memory Data Grid with relational databases. And, by making it 100% JCache compliant, we've made it very easy for customers to use it because they're not locked into it," said Iqbal Khan, Technology Evangelist at Alachisoft.

About Alachisoft

Alachisoft is a leading provider of TayzGrid and NCache. TayzGrid is an In-Memory Data Grid and available through http://www.tayzgrid.com. And, NCache is an In-Memory Distributed Cache for .NET and available through https://www.alachisoft.com.

Visit our website http://www.tayzgrid.com to learn more about TayzGrid. Or send us an email at sales@tayzgrid.com.

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