Thursday March 10, 2016. Mountain View - California


Starts: 6:30 PM

Venue: BAY.NET | German International School of Silicon Valley

Registration CLOSED (FREE)

Your .NET applications may experience database or storage bottlenecks due to growth in transaction load. Learn how to remove bottlenecks and scale your .NET applications using distributed caching. This talk covers:

  • Quick overview of scalability bottlenecks in .NET applications
  • Description of distributed caching and how it solves performance issues
  • Where can you use distributed caching in your application(s)
  • Some important features in a distributed cache
  • Hands-on examples using a distributed cache

Speaker Profile:

Iqbal Khan is co-founder, President and Technology Evangelist at Alachisoft, makers of NCache a popular .NET distributed cache. He is a frequent speaker at events including DevWeek London and TechDays, VS Live, BASTA etc. Iqbal also writes for MSDN Magazine, Visual Studio Magazine, Microsoft TechNet, Redmond Magazine and others. You can view Iqbal's LinkedIn profile.

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