TechEd North America 2011 - Atlanta, Georgia USA

Alachisoft participated in TechEd 2011 North America. It was held at Atlanta from May 16th - 19th 2011. The event was huge with more than 10,000 participants which included IT professionals and Developers from around the world.

Distributed caching is not a new word for people now. With the familiarity of distributed caching, NCache has become a leading product in the market. NCache was prominent with its outstanding features and it also got nominated for "The Best of TechEd 2011" in the category of software development.

NCache was in the spotlight as it focuses on both Java and .Net applications. Many visitors were showing interest in NCache's diversity. NCache is a high speed distributed caching solution for both .Net and Java based applications which enhances their performance. StorageEdge also caught the eyes of SharePoint users. They were impressed with how StorageEdge handles issues that are not answered by SharePoint itself. The major attraction was how StorageEdge optimizes SharePoint performance and handles BLOBs efficiently.

Iqbal Khan, President & Technology Evangelist at Alachisoft, has termed this year's Microsoft TechEd 2011 in Atlanta as a major success for Alachisoft.

"Not only were we able to reaffirm the significant market share of NCache in Distributed caching arena but also had raving reviews of our SharePoint storage optimization product, StorageEdge. Many visitors to our booth marveled at the feature rich StorageEdge and how it improved the storage problems and lack-luster performance of SharePoint. Building on this positive momentum, we will continue to deliver cutting edge technological improvements for NCache and StorageEdge"

Overall it was a very positive experience. This helped us build confidence in our customers who see us there every year and projected our growing influence and strategic place among up and coming companies. Thank you to all who were part of it and made it a success.

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