NosDB Integration with Visual Studio

NosDB completly integrates with Visual Studio 2013/2015 to enhance your development experience of .NET applications. With this integration you can manage clusters and databases from within your favorite IDE. This includes adding or removing new shards, managing collections, indexes and much more.

You also have the ability to query the data using SQL syntax and test your SQL queries before putting them in your code. It helps you to speed up your development process as you do not have to switch between different environments to work with your data. Along with managing and querying your database, you can also monitor NosDB using perfmon statistics from within your IDE.

To integrate NosDB with Visual Studio, first open up the Extensions gallery and search for the word "NosDB".

Visual Studio Extensions Gallery

Click `Install` to install the NosDB Management Package in Visual Studio.

Visual Studio Extensions

Next find the NosDB Explorer window from the `View` menu bar.

NosDB Explorer

This will open the NosDB Explorer tool window, which can be tabbed, docked or closed just like any common tool window of Visual Studio. Similarly, its state will be preserved even when VS is closed.

NosDB in Visual Studio

From here you can perform the same operations as you would from NosDB Management Studio. You can connect to any Database cluster, create and manage databases and do much more. To query the database, `Right Click` a database which you want to query and select the `New Query` button. From here perform queries as you would from a relational database.

NosDB in Visual Studio

Tip: To copy the data to clipboard, simply right click any row and select `Copy`.

You can also view database statistics from within Visual Studio, simply right click on any database and click on Statistics to view the perfmon stats.

NosDB in Visual Studio

As a summary, here are some of the management operations you can do from within the Visual Studio.

  • Create and manage clustered databases
  • Add/remove shards from cluster
  • View cluster health
  • Monitor database prefmon statistics
  • Perform SQL queries

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