NCache 4.4 - Online Documentation
Welcome to NCache version 4.4. NCache is a caching solution that provides high performance and scalability. NCache provides a set of services and API's that incorporates various user needs of caching.
NCache package contains samples, tutorials, and tools designed to help you incorporate NCache in your applications. Package also provides a documentation that includes an extensive class library reference, conceptual overviews and step-by-step illustrations to assist you in understanding NCache more effectively.
In NCache Documentation
Presents a brief introduction to NCache, with an emphasis on new and old features, editions and requirements of NCache.
Discusses important caching concepts to enable you to understand the later sections in a better way.
Discusses step by step details for installation and activation of NCache using interactive Windows installer and command line installer. It also explains NCache network install with Powershel and NCache Java client installation for UNIX.
Familiarizes you with the fundamentals of NCache and offers help to use NCache quickly and efficiently.
Provides a guide to perform administrative tasks and configuring settings of caches and bridges using NCache Manager, command line tools and configuration files.
Focuses on what is essential to become skilled at developing with NCache. It includes programmer's guide, sample applications, hands on tutorials and extensive help on API reference.
Helps in troubleshooting different problems that may arise while using NCache.
Provides the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions regarding NCache.