Release Notes NCache 3.6.2 (Service Pack 1)

Tuesday, Oct 06, 2009


NCache 3.6.2 Service Pack 1 (SP1) contains important fixes and enhancements that have been reported by customers. It is a recommended upgrade for all users of NCache. Those using NCache 3.6.x version can upgrade without re-building/re-compiling the application.

Enhancements and New Additions

Following are some enhancements made in this release:

  1. Cluster Rejoining feature:
  2. To overcome socket breaking issues within cluster nodes, NCache has a new connection retry logic which is configurable in config.ncconf in cluster configuration.
    connection-retries="10" connection-retry-interval="1secs"

    In case a socket breaks due to Network problems, NCache will try to re-establish the connection after every connection-retry-interval as many times as connectionretries. This requires a restart of NCache service after update.

  3. Addition of NCache Client side counters:
  4. NCache client side counters are introduced to detect and debug client side issues. These counters appear in Windows perfmon counters in category ‘NCache Client’.

  5. Asynchronous startup of caches in Autostart:
  6. NCache autostart feature is enhanced and starting up of various user specified caches with NCache service start up, is made asynchronous. If some caches are corrupt and are not started, a warning is logged but NCache service starts up normally.

  7. Client-cache-sync mode description:
  8. Client cache sync mode description is added in NCache Help.

  9. Memory estimation and warning mechanism in cluster configuration:
  10. Description about setting up cluster memory, its usage and estimation is added in cluster configurations.

  11. NCache Installation in Admin mode:
  12. NCache installation wizard warns the user who is not an admin. Administrative privileges and permissions are required for the user to install NCache on a system.

List of Bugs Fixed:

  • 736212 FIX: Items with same Tags if added and removed frequently resulted in corrupting the tag. Items exist in the cache but not gettable with their tag.
  • 736210 FIX: The memory leakage related with LOH results in high memory consumption in case of large objects (more than 80KB) which are not garbage collected.
  • 736209 FIX: NCache generates extra log entries in NCache log files which result in huge log files. These extra logs are removed.


  • NCache Enterprise Edition 3.6.x
  • NCache Professional Edition 3.6.x

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