Release Notes NCache 3.8 (Service Pack 2)

Monday, Oct 10, 2010


NCache 3.8 Service Pack 2 (SP2) contains important fixes and enhancements that have been reported by customers. It is a recommended upgrade for all users of NCache 3.8.

Enhancements and New Additions

Following are some enhancements made in this release:

  1. License Support for Xen VM:
  2. NCache now support licensing on Xen VM environments.

  3. Visual Studio 2010 Assembly Reference solution:
  4. Visual Studio 2010 shows a warning message when you add reference to NCache assemblies and then the build also fails. This only happens if the application target frame work is .NET 3.5. This is a known issue of Visual Studio that it gets confused when you have the same assemblies available in the GAC 2.0 and GAC 4.0 and for dependent assemblies it tries to load them from GAC 4.0 which results in the warning message.

    We have resolved this issue by copying all the assemblies in the NCache bin/assembly folder and now Visual Studio does not have to locate the dependent assemblies in GAC. This has resolved the issue.

List of Bugs Fixed:

  • 738211 FIX: ViewState Caching does not work with AJAX controls especially GridViewPager.
  • 738210 FIX: Session Store Provider throws an exception “The SessionStateStoreData returned by ISessionStateStore has a null value for items” if the session is empty.
  • 738209 FIX: ViewState assemblies were build with wrong version in NCache Enterprise Developers installation.
  • 738208 FIX: There was a performance issue in the feature object query. The search result was slower when you have a large set of items in the cache.
  • 738207 FIX: NHibernate sample has a build issue in NCache Professional Edition.
  • 738206 FIX: NCache Manager throws an object reference not set error if you enable the security without specifying users.
  • 738205 FIX: NCache Manager throws an object reference not set error if you change the bind to IP (using the option “Select Network Interface Card”) for local cache server. This option is now removed from local cache server.
  • 738204 FIX: NCache Manager fails to load ReadThru/WriteThru Provider if the provider is an exe file. When you deploy the ReadThru/WriteThru provider using the “Deploy Provider” button, NCache Manager rename the file extension to .dll
  • 738203 FIX: NCache Professional does not allow remote client connections. This happens if the remote client is installed with NCache Professional Remote Client installation.
  • 738202 FIX: NCache integration with Microsoft Enterprise Library v4.1 returns Boolean value for indexer method Cache["Key"] instead of the actual object.
  • 738201 FIX: Multiple bugs are fixed in JavaScript and CSS Minification. The JavaScript Minifiction fails if the rendered output contains .axd files in the JavaScript tag, and if the <script> tag ends with </script>. Similarly, the CSS minification fails if relative paths are used for loading images. Now the relative paths in CSS are converted to absolute path.


  • NCache Enterprise Edition 3.8.x
  • NCache Professional Edition 3.8.x

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