Release Notes NCache 3.8 (Service Pack 4)

Thursday, Mar 17, 2011


NCache 3.8 Service Pack 4 (SP4) contains important fixes which are important for production environments. It is a recommended upgrade for all NCache 3.8 users.

Enhancements and New Additions

Following are some enhancements made in this release:

  1. String sharing between Java and .NET (vice versa):
  2. You can share string values between .NET and Java applications.

  3. SQL Cache Dependency Custom Queue/Notification Service:
  4. SQL Cache dependency architecture has been enhanced to support custom queues and notification services that does not require extra user permissions like “create queue” and “create service”. NCache now allows you to choose either default mode (with default SQL notification and queue service) or custom mode where you can specify your own queue and notification service. The service name format should be "NCacheSQLService-[ip-address]" and "NCacheSQLQueue-[ip-address]" where the IP-Address will be of machine on which NCache service process will be running. You can specify this setting in service configuration file “NCache/bin/service/Alachisoft.NCache.Service.exe.config”.
    <add key="NCacheServer.NCacheSQLNotificationService" value="NCacheSQLService"/>

List of Bugs Fixed:

  • 738401 FIX: Enumeration returns byte array if the item was added through cache loader.
  • 738402 FIX: ViewState module throws Null Reference Exception if the traces are disabled and module tries to write something in log.
  • 738403 FIX: Command line activation throws invalid license key.
  • 738404 FIX: Cache becomes unresponsive or timeouts when the number of items exceed 7 million.
  • 738405 FIX: Query Sample in x64 has some compilation errors.
  • 738406 FIX: NCache Session State Management assembly was missing in 64-bit developer installation.
  • 738407 FIX: Connection Balancing and failover in Partitioned and Partitioned Replica topologies does not work if dual NICs are used where one NIC is bound to client-server communication and the second NIC is bound to cache-server (cluster) communication.
  • 738408 FIX: A 32 bit security assembly “” is missing in windows GAC in NCache 64 bit setup. This does not allow 32-bit applications to run on 64 bit caching server.
  • 738409 FIX: CacheProvider 4.0 - GetValues() method returns all key-values including those which are also not available in cache. As per Microsoft documentation it should return only the key/values that exist in cache.
  • 738410 FIX: CacheProvider 4.0 - NSQLChangeMonitor and NOraChangeMonitor are Enterprise Edition features and are unintentionally exposed in NCache Professional Edition.
  • 741111 FIX: Licensing does not work on machines with 32 or more cores.

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