Release Notes NCache 4.1 (Service Pack 1)

Tuesday, May 10, 2012


NCache 4.1 Service Pack1 (SP1) contains some important enhancements and major bug fixes relating to the stability of the cache. It is commended upgrade for all NCache 4.1 users.

Enhancements and New Additions

Following are some enhancements made in this release:

  1. Generics types support for Compact Serialization:
  2. You can add custom generic types for compact serialization. All generic types with any number of arguments can be serialized through compact serialization. You can register generic types through NCache Manager or through a custom handler by implementing the interface IGenericTypes. Currently, this feature is only available in for .NET clients.

  3. Update CacheItem hint at runtime:
  4. You can now modify cache item attributes at runtime without modifying the data. Currently, the API (SetAttribute) allows you to update dependency and expiration hints.

  5. UTC support for Different Time zones:
  6. You can have cache servers as well as clients running under different time zones; NCache will maintain a standard time to expire an item on the basis of local time zone. Whenever an item replicates or moves from one cache server to the other the expiration is reset according to the local time zone hence makes the item expiration possible according to the configured timeslot.

List of Bugs Fixed:

  • 741101 FIX: Client was unable initialize NCache through a SQL CLR based procedure or trigger.
  • 741102 FIX: Object ref exception if only WritBehind is configured for a cache and WithThru operation is performed in API.
  • 741103 FIX: Output caching in 2-node web-farm, item is deleted from cache if 2nd request goes to 2nd node of the farm.
  • 741104 FIX: Query parser throws buffer overflow if the query length exceeds 256 characters.
  • 741105 FIX: GetGroupsKeys, GetBulk, Tags, Query does not return correct results during state transfer.
  • 741106 FIX: In case of partition topology only one server was sending general notifications to remote clients.
  • 741107 FIX: NamedTags query throws exception "Index not defined” if only one item is added in partitioned cache.
  • 741108 FIX: Java client throws exception that it is unable to read client.ncconf file even though you have provided the cache-id, server-ip and port through the API.
  • 741109 FIX: Slow response on right clicking a cache server.
  • 741110 FIX: Content optimization log file was not generated.
  • 741111 FIX: Licensing does not work on machines with 32 or more cores.
  • 741112 FIX: AddDependency() resets the existing dependency instead of appending a new dependency.
  • 741113 FIX: Client Application does not receive updated hash-map when a network is disabled on the cache server.
  • 741114 FIX: Security was using case sensitive username.
  • 741115 FIX: Cluster becomes partial and sometimes also unresponsive. This happens when machine is rebooted and cache from that server tires to join the cluster again, before cluster has removed this server from its cluster membership.

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