Release Notes NCache 4.1 (Service Pack 2)

Tuesday, October 10, 2012


NCache 4.1 SP2 contains some important enhancements and major bug fixes related to the stability of the cache. It is recommended upgrade for all NCache 4.1 users.

Enhancements and New Additions

Following are some enhancements made in this release:

  1. Data Encryption:
  2. Encryption feature is provided to make sure that data traveling between NCache client and NCache server or between cluster nodes is encrypted. This will prevent the user data leakage even if data packets are sniffed from the network.

  3. Multiple database dependencies are allowed on single item:
  4. Now multiple database dependencies can be added for single cached item. This feature will compensate the ‘SQL Notification’ dependency limitation of a single database dependency.

  5. Auto start delay for caches:
  6. Caches which are configured to ‘auto start’ now can be delayed according to user specified time. This will improve the NCache response time in case there are too many caches configured for ‘auto start’. Add the following entry under the <appSettings> in NCache service config file like:

    add key='NCacheServer.AutoStartDelay' value='5'

  7. Auto start of client caches:
  8. Now you can configure the ‘client caches’ to start automatically on service restart or when client machine is rebooted. This will make the client cache available without user intervention.

  9. Viewstate can be associated with session:
  10. Now veiwstate is cached along with ‘session id’ as ‘group’ info. This will facilitate the user to relate the viewstate and session of the same application and user. Using this feature user can remove all the viewstate related to a specific session when a session is closed or expires. Add the following attribute inside


List of Bugs Fixed:

  • 741201 FIX: Extra GC collection calls in SSP module which caused a performance overhead.
  • 741202 FIX: Session size increase 3 times after serialization.
  • 741203 FIX: Viewstate crashed the application if viewstate logging is turned off.
  • 741204 FIX: View State Caching with Ajax causes problem in page loading.
  • 741205 FIX: Cluster get partially connected if cache name of cluster nodes is not in same case.
  • 741206 FIX: Newly added server info is not updated in ‘client.ncconf’ file at client nodes.
  • 741207 FIX: Cache initialization problem from inside of SQL CLR based stored procedure.
  • 741208 FIX: Local cache cannot be run on a loop back IP ( in developer edition.
  • 741209 FIX: Dead lock occurred if clients are frequently connected/disconnected.
  • 741210 FIX: General Notification stop working if cache is not disposed.

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