Release Notes NCache 4.6 (Service Pack 1)

Tuesday, May 03, 2016


NCache 4.6 SP1 contains a few optimizations related to memory and huge improvements in performance of NCache. This is a recommended upgrade for all NCache users.

List of Bugs Fixed:

  • 744118 FIX: Without primary or secondary credentials, NullReferenceException is thrown on management operations with security.
  • 744119 FIX: Cache host process crashes on SecurityException while starting cache.
  • 744120 FIX: Client.ncconf client doesn’t reflect security configuration changes.
  • 744121 FIX: On adding security credentials through manager on client node, password is visible.
  • 744122 FIX: Clientcache throws db sync dependency exception if security is enabled on cache.
  • 744123 FIX: Clientcache throws no permission exception if security is enabled on cache.
  • 744124 FIX: Callbacks are not thrown on performing bulk operations with Write-Behind (i.e insert bulk and add bulk).
  • 744125 FIX: CacheItem is always added with version 1 after it is removed from cache resulting into data integrity issues.
  • 744126 FIX: "Input string was not in a correct format" exception is thrown on service start for various locales.
  • 744127 FIX: No exception is thrown if null dependency key is given.
  • 744128 FIX: Exception is thrown on adding null subgroup.
  • 744129 FIX: Cache host process is left unkilled between service restarts, hence resulting in multiple orphaned processes.
  • 744130 FIX: Cache-all function for caching all queries is missing.

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