Release Notes NCache 4.6

Monday, December 7, 2015


NCache 4.6 contains a few important features related to runtime data analytics, performance and memory optimization of NCache. This is a recommended upgrade for all NCache users.

Enhancements and New Additions

Following are some enhancements made in this release:

  1. Object Data Format:
  2. NCache cache can now be configured to store data in objects form. By default, all data is stored in binary form.

  3. Each Cache in Separate Process:
  4. Each cache in NCache is now hosted in its own process which runs independent of all other caches. Management of this process is done via NCache service which has information about all the cache processes running on the machine.

  5. Map Reduce:
  6. MapReduce in NCache will allow developers to write programs that process massive amounts of unstructured data in parallel across a NCache cluster. To distribute input data and analyze it in parallel, MapReduce operates in parallel on all nodes in a cluster of any size.

  7. Aggregator:
  8. Aggregator processes data records and returns compiled results. It groups values from multiple sources and can perform variety of operations like sum up values, calculating averages, finding minimum/maximum values etc. and returns single result

  9. Entry Processor:
  10. NCache provides the ability to execute users’ code on server side against a set of cache entries. Entry processors can modify cache entries on the server side without involving these entries to travel on the network for fetch and update operations.

  11. Data Reader:
  12. Queries can now be executed on cache using data reader just like the databases do. Using data reader, result set can be retrieved from servers in multiple chunks of configurable size. This approach gives a better performance and uses less memory on client end.

  13. Default Expiration:
  14. User can now configure NCache with default named expirations. NCache server will use default expirations when items are either inserted into cache without any expirations or inserted explicitly with named default.

  15. Order-by Clause:
  16. Select statements can now have orderby clause which will return the result set sorted on one or more specified attributes.

  17. Log Viewer:
  18. A GUI tool to view and monitor logs generated by NCache server and clients in one place. Log files of all servers can be viewed in same tool. The tool can filter log entries and important log entries can also be bookmarked.

  19. LIVE Upgrade:
  20. NCache 4.4 SP2 can be upgraded to NCache 4.6 without losing any data using its Bridge topology.

  21. Core Based Licensing:
  22. NCache 4.6 onwards, cache servers and clients will be licensed based on the number of cores instead of numbers of CPUs that box has.

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