Release Notes NCache 5.0 SP1

Monday, August 26, 2019


In NCache 5.0 SP1, there are some important bug fixes and a few new enhancements made.

Enhancements and New Additions

Following are some enhancements made in this release:

  1. NET Core SignalR backplane
  2. NCache SignalR backplane for ASP.NET Core applications is provided.

  3. Support for Internet Explorer 11
  4. Web management can now be done from Internet Explorer 11 (latest release) but its recommended to use Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Firefox or Opera.

  5. Dynamically generated installation keys
  6. Installation keys for all editions of NCache are now dynamically generated at the time of download. This means that every customer gets a unique installation key.

  7. Only .NET based cache servers in Professional and Open Source
  8. Cache servers in Professional and Open Source editions are only .NET based. Clients are available for both .NET and .NET Core. Cache servers can't be installed on Linux for these two editions.

  9. Limited features in Open Source and Professional editions
  10. Open source and Professional editions have gone back to Alachisoft's original strategy where we had a limited number of features in both Open Source and Professional editions.

    For details, please see

List of Bugs Fixed:

  • 744180 FIX: Cannot compact serialize/deserialize class with no default constructors.
  • 744181 FIX: Manually changed 'Keep-Alive' settings are lost on configuration change through management tools.
  • 744182 FIX: Custom dependency gets executed on L1 cache. It should only be executed on L2.
  • 744183 FIX: Incorrect server IP addresses in client.ncconf in case of dual NIC configuration on cluster nodes.
  • 744184 FIX: Inproc client cache is configured with 'binary format' which causes serialization and deserialization and thus slows operations down.
  • 744185 FIX: Client-side counters are not populated in Web Manager in some cases.
  • 744186 FIX: Client-side counters are not populated in Web Manager in some cases.
  • 744187 FIX: Exception 'No server is available to process the request' when the client gets disconnected simultaneously from all cache servers.

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